Your Sheriff Needs Your Support

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As criminal activities and threats continue to rapidly INCREASE, Sheriff's Offices nationwide are experiencing a dramatic DECREASE in funding. It's terrible timing for budget cuts!

MORE Crimes–LESS Money

At no other time in United States history has there ever been a greater need for law enforcement officers to be as equipped and prepared as right now! In order to successfully fight and solve crimes, protect and respond to community emergencies, officers must have advanced levels of training, as well as the latest equipment in communications, technology, and safety gear.

Who do you want to respond
to your family's emergency?

Limiting a Sheriff's ability to provide officers with vital lifesaving equipment, essential resources, and advanced education and training opportunities jeopardizes the personal safety of the officers, as well as the safety of the entire community.

The choice is yours...

A. Ill-equipped, or ill-prepared officers
B. Highly trained, skilled, and well-equipped officers

24 hours a day, seven days a week, the men and women of your local Sheriff's Office are dedicated to protecting and serving your community. Your sheriff needs the support of local business owners and civic leaders, like yourself, who understand the importance of maintaining quality public safety services.

Community partnership programs are an ideal way to help Sheriffs maintain an efficient office and improve the effectiveness of your county's emergency response services.

You call on them for help,
but...WHO can they call on?

B.O.S.S. - Business Owners Supporting Sheriffs

B.O.S.S. is a national program designed to encourage and enlist business owners and civic leaders to help support their local Sheriff's Office. Each chapter is independently established, governed, operated, and maintained by local community leaders. Members of B.O.S.S. are committed to helping keep their communities safe by ensuring that their local Sheriff's Office has the funds and support needed for providing continued education, training, and specialized equipment. B.O.S.S. keeps officers equipped and prepared to respond to community emergencies and safeguards.

This website provides the information you need to start a local chapter of B.O.S.S. in your community. Follow the simple steps outlined under the Getting Started tab to form a chapter in your county. Customize the pre-designed templates under the Documents tab for your chapterís brochures, letters, and press releases.

Start a Chapter of B.O.S.S.

Make a difference TODAY and help KEEP your community
SAFE for your family, employees, and customers!

getting started

Starting your own chapter of B.O.S.S. is simple.

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Download templates for brochures, letters and forms.more


Tips for making your B.O.S.S. programs as successful as possible